College Football Game Times with TV/Internet Channels

Tired of tying to figure out when college football games are on and where you can see them?  Get this great Cheat Sheet so you know when and where to watch.      .

Get all the game times and TV/Internet channels emailed to you each week.  You’ll get this week’s Cheat Sheet emailed to you when you sign up. 


Have a look & then scroll down to see the schedule.



My name is Katie & I’m a college football fan.

When kickoff times stopped being announced in advanced and internet channels multiplied, I couldn’t figure out when and where I could see all of the games.

So I created the College Kickoff Cheat Sheet.  The first page is a list of the top 25 teams. It shows their records, who they’re playing, kickoff times and the tv/internet channels the games are on. The next few pages show the weekly schedule (including channels!) and highlight the games between two Top 25 teams.

Now it’s easy to glance through and see what games are must sees.  AND when I’m making other plans, it’s just a quick look to see if, heaven forbid, I have a football conflict.

Print it out or keep it handy on your device: sign up below and I’ll email it to you each week for one easy payment of $10.00 for the whole season including conference championships, bowl games and playoffs.

Quit missing games and get tuned in!

Can you tell?



$10.00 for the whole season, Conference Championships, Bowl Games & Playoffs

$10.00 for the the whole season!  (Includes conference championships, bowl games and playoffs)

You’ll get the current Cheat Sheet when you sign up. You can unsubscribe at any time. No automatic renewals & no refunds.  We’ll remind you next August so you can make sure you’re tuned in to the 2019 season.

Here’s what you get

  • Summary page of Top 25 teams showing W-L records, opponents, kickoff times & tv/internet channels
  • Games with 2 Top 25 teams are noted
  • Schedule of daily kickoff times, teams & channels
  • Schedule also shows records & highlights games with both teams in the Top 25
  • Games times clustered into time frames for your convenience
  • Conference Championships & Bowl Games
  • My cheat Sheet is easy to print and to view on your device
  • The chance to schedule your life around your games!!



This cheat sheet is awesome.  I can’t believe no one else thought of this.  Love it!…

Jorge F.Pasadena, CA

The first thing I do on Saturday mornings is to print your kickoff cheat sheet. Thank you!

Harry G.Asheville, NC

I love having all of the kickoff times right at my fingertips!  Thanks!

Michael F.Tulsa, OK

Finally all the games in one place!  I love your website especially how you highlight the Top 25 pairings.  You go girl!

Juliette J.Bridgeport, CT

Thanks, there is so much information out there, it’s nice to have your kickoff schedule to help make sense of it all.  Keep up the great work.

Robert MDothan, AL

On the web or printed out and on my fridge, the kickoff cheat sheet helps me make sure I never miss a game I want to see!

Cindy P.Tucumcari, N.M.



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Here’s a College Kickoff Cheat Sheet from a few years ago


Make sure you scroll down to see the schedule!